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Sapna Mattresses

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Sapna Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 1978, is a leading manufacturer of Natural Latex Rubber Foam mattresses, Pillows, Cushions and Comfort products, based in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan. Sapna Rubber Industries Pvt. Ltd. is ISO certifiedcompanyandproducerubberfoamasperISI :1741standard, company is also a member of NSIC.

Sapna, India’s leading Brand of first ISI natural latex rubber foam products of north India, serving over 40 years. With vast experience in the making of eco-friendly latex mattresses, Pillows, Cushions & Furniture Sheets, we continue to be the best in our job, thus serving the best products.

Sapna is an ISO certified company, committed to provide the best quality products. With a vision to be renowned for excellence in sleeping comfort by offering value added products and services, we now introduce long lasting Comfortable Luxury Mattress.

Here at Sapna Rubber Industries we manufactured natural latex rubber foam product as per ISI standard specifications code IS 1741, We Sapna follows 9 tests in Laboratory by our Quality Controller Incharge in our Factory to make our quality product as per ISI specifications, Tests are as follows,Colour, Odour, Dimensions, Flexing Test, Ageing, Compression Test, Copper Content, Megnez Content & Indentation


With over 45 years of experience, we continue to build our heritage of developing new products while providing consumers with quality craftsmanship and exceptional value all over the world.

Sapna is Therapeutic

We believe in making your sleeping experience a luxurious one that also caters to health issues. Simplified and curated products with design excellence. We are driven by constant innovation and the need to upgrade the way India sleeps. Constantly evolving with time in becoming your ideal sleep partner.

Why Us?

With more than forty five years of experience in the industry, we have practically witnessed the changes in the lifestyle of people unfold before us. Imbibing and learning from the experience, we understand the need of moving with time to offer you products, like a sleeping mattress and other sleeping products that cater to more than just 'comfort-sleeping.'