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Sapna is a brand of ISO certified co. The company committed to provid the best quality products. With a vision to be renowned for excellence in sleeping comfort by offering value added products and services, we now introduce long lasting Comfortable Luxury Mattress.


Sapna Divine Mattress have a combination of Memory Foam & Bonded Foam. Sapna Divine mattress integrating temperature sensitive material that has been developed by NASA, this mattress follows the Contour of your body reducing stress and enabling deep quality sleep. Senses and shapes itself to your body. Reduces overall pressure placed on body joints. Improves blood circulation for good health.


Sapna Supreme mattress made with combination of HR foam & Bonnell spring mattress. HR (High Resilience) foam is an excellent quality foam mattress that can take heavy use and maintain its shape over a long period of time. The HR foam has a springy feel with a fast return action. Bonnell Spring mattress has a strong spring structure which provides better stability & flexibility and gives you perfect sleep system and better support to your spine.


Sapna Pride have its High Resilience (HR) PUF technology, reduces the pressure points on the body. HR promotes Air Circulation reducing humidity and heat for desired soft comfort and quality of sleep. High Resilience PUF, Soft technology offers ultimate Soft Comfort with Superior bounce.


Sapna Enigma mattress made with Pocket springs. In a Pocketed spring mattress the springs are wrapped inside an individual fabric case. This allows each spring to operate individually & to closely follow the contour of the body, allowing the spine to remain in its correctposition.Duetotheirindividualspring construction,pocket springs inherently absorb this ‘movement’ directly underneath the sleeper instead of spreading it across the bed. When couples lie on a pocket spring mattress, the reduction of movement is one of the first benefits they experience.


Sapna Space made with the combination of HR foam and High Density bonded foam. Exclusive double sided mattress offering dual advantage. High Resilience foam side for bounce & bonded side for firm comfort, All season comfort mattress.

Cello Dx.

Sapna Cello Dx mattress made with thick bonded foam, sandwiched between high density Rubberised coir sheets and top side pasted with layer of HR foam. Perfect comfort with HR foam and support with Rubberised Coir Sheet.

Royal Dx.

Sapna Royal Dlx mattress made with combination of four layers. bounded sandwiched between 2 layers of compressed coir and upper side soft foam, Double comfort mattress, one side hard & other side soft.

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