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Sapna, India’s leading Brand of ISI natural latex rubber foam products, serving over 35 years. With vast experience in the making of eco-friendly latex mattresses, Pillows, Cushions & Furniture Sheets, we continue to be the best in our job, thus serving the best products. Sapna is a brand of ISO certified co. The company committed to providing the best quality products. With a vision to be renowned for excellence in sleeping comfort by offering value added products and services, we now introduce long lasting Comfortable Mattress.


Sapna Premier mattress is made with Bonnell Spring. The word “bonnell” itself means a kind of “spring” used in spring mattress. They’re joined together with spiral wires to form the unit. They compress quite easily at first, but then get firmer the more they’re compressed (hence offering more support), resulting in a ‘soft but firm’ bed. Bonnell spring mattress gives strong spring structure & also retain spine in its natural shape.


Economy range of Bonnell spring mattress.


Ortho Mattress have a combination of High Density Coir Foam & High Density Bonded Foam. Bonded foam sandwiched between 2 layers of Coirfoam. SapnaOrthomattresshavebeen created to combat the problems one might experience with a bad back or joints by providing a firm mattress which offers targeted, tailored support. An orthopaedic mattress would support your back in the correct position giving it a chance to repair.


Sapna wings mattress have combination of three layers, High density bonded foam sandwiched between one side Coir & other side soft Foam. Double comfort mattress one side hard & other side soft.


Sapna delite plus mattress have combination of three layers, Natural Latex Rubber Foam sandwiched between two layers High density bonded.


Siekos plus mattress is complete High Density Bonded Mattress, Bonded foam gives firm support to your spine. Covered with both side quilted cover, Long lasting mattress.

Coir Kool

Coir Kool Super Mattress has combination of EP and Bonded, Covered with attractive quilted cover, Hard comfort Mattress.


Sleepex plus Mattress has a combination of EP & Foam, Covered with quilted cover, Light weight - easy to shift. Dual comfort mattress one side hard & other side soft.

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