Contour Pillows

Have you been tossing and turning all night ? Do you really want to get up and start the day with a smile? The reason could be that your body can't relax as it can't find a comfortable position to sleep in, one that is supportive in all the right places such as knees, hip, waist and neck. One solution to this problem Sapna Contour Pillow.

Have a decent nights sleep with this contour pillow. Ideal to use for those who suffer from chronic neck & back pain. It fits your body's contours to provide comfortable support from head to toe! The contour pillow is designed to provide you with the choices you need for more comfortable & restful sleep. The Contour pillow which includes many advanced features for your comfort & yet is still available at an affordable price. The contour pillow has an advanced comfort design that was originally developed by NASA

Contour Pillow

Sapna Saga Contour Moulded foam Pillow, Scientific design protects the spine relieving pressure around the neck, keep your neck in natural shape completely de-stress the head, neck and shoulder muscles.The neck and spine are not always correctly supported. Contour Pillow the correct sleeping position with a straight neck and spine

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